Friday, October 31, 2014


Wouldn't be complete without a Halloween Playlist...unfortunately my Spotify playlist do not show up in my blog's email subscription so for my subscribers you will need to visit my blog directly to listen to my playlist.
Happy Safe and Stylish Halloween ghost, goblins, witches, spooks, spirits. Enjoy and Be Inspired!

Jewelry by Hirotaka found here and here.
Fashionable Pumpkins founds here.

Sending a special Happy Birthday shout out to one of my closets friends and fellow Scorpio, Patanisha.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Tis the season of Scorpio and also my birthday, which is just 5 days away. My sister Rhonda asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I rattled on some list of coffee table books, perfume, etc, I never ever know what I want for my birthday, I’d much rather give gifts, and if I say so myself I am a great gift giver. So in the spirit of helping out my loved ones who might bestow a tiny token of their appreciation for moi on my born day, here is my birthday hit list for 2014, I’m just trying to help folks out…ya know, so they won’t feel disappointed in their gift giving, I mean, this blog isn't called Everr Wanting for nothing. Enjoy and Be Inspired!
Coffee table books! I can’t get enough of them.
A subscription to one of my favorite and inspiring magazines C California Style
Exotic citrus scents that evoke the Caribbean and the Italian Rivera, the perfect scent-escape for the chilly days ahead.
Neroli Portofino Body Oil – Since I can’t afford the $215 / $295 for the perfume the body oil will just have to do.
Calyx  Perfume- Cult favorite and long lasting, I use to wear this scent back in the day, and I still can’t get enough of it.
Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Bergamot (they had me at bergamot)
Keeping time in style, and that blacked out chronograph definitely makes a statement.
Art on the wallls! Jimi Hendrix on my walls please!
Moto boots for this Cali chic, still lost in tomboy-boho bliss.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Loving everything about this Moroccan home located on the coast of Tangier. I simply cannot get enough of Moroccan inspired anything, visit here, here and here. Enjoy and Be Inspired!

images found here.

Friday, October 24, 2014


1. I am definitely into this trend of fashion sweatpants or joggers as they are sometimes called , it's become my other go-to item beside a warn-in pair of vintage Levi's.
2. Yummy, this hearty and plentiful tilapia bowl recipe is on my what's for dinner tonight list.
3. I definitely plan on making some of these DIY leather folders.
4. A guide for when to toss you makeup.
5. Can't wait to get my hands of this kaleidoscope glass vase .
6. 5 easy ideas on what to do to increase your writing potential, and they've all worked for me.
7. Linda Rodin; amazing personal style from this silver hair, over 50 beauty.
8. The silhouette of this bed is what I love most about it.
9. Great deal; these faux suede Juicy Couture ankle boots are perfect for fall and on sale for $66.99.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


How to Get the Most Energy Out of Your Day (Even If You Don't Get Enough Sleep), I just had to re-post this.

The Elle magazine Beauty team called upon experts in sleep, nutrition, and fitness to lay out exactly what we should be doing and eating during the day to get—and stay—as naturally energized as possible. Get the lowdown below:

Story and illustration found here.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Former model turned iconic jewelry for Halston and now 40 years with Tiffany & Co., Elsa Peretti is the creative behind Tiffany & Co's best selling iconic designs. "Her designs have been defined pure, neat, chic and timeless. “A slithering snake, a bone, a Henry Moore sculpture, a fit of depression, a flea market find...these are some of the things that have inspired Elsa Peretti’s designs”."
This photo of Elsa Peretti  was taken in 1974 at the Halston studio.
Elsa Peretti Scorpion Necklace which she designed for Tiffany & Co. in 1979

 Elsa Peretti also designed the tear drop shaped bottle for the Halston perfume, and bottle pendant necklace for Halston in the early 70's.
 Another iconic design for Halston was Elsa Peretti's "Equestrian" belt and buckle. 
Here's another one, iconic snake earrings and the Amapola Brooch both designed for Tiffany & Co.
Another Elsa Peretti design for Tiffany & Co., these Lacquer Bangles.
"Paretti continues to design and inspire from her time as a model and muse of the ‘60s and ‘70s and her early work with Halston, to designing some of the most iconic Tiffany pieces." Enjoy and Be Inspired!

Resources can be, here, here, here, and here, and here, and finally here.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Why a dragonfly? Because you can learn a thing or two from a dragonfly; they're calculating and efficient at what they do; When a dragonfly sets its sights on a target, it will almost always end up with a meal. They can see in all directions-nearly all of the dragonflies head is eye, they never stop eating, voracity isn't always a bad thing, and there are over 5000 species of dragonflies.

For something that looks so menacing, (hence the name dragon), this insect use to get a bad rep, but the tide has changed for our little predator friend. Generally, dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, and they often appear in art and literature. Who knew? 

What I learned is that strength can come from the smallest of beings and sometimes the most amazing things come when you least expect it and from where you'd least expect it. Might and will can make even a dragonfly powerful and why can't I? I will never look at a dragonfly the same again. Enjoy and Be Inspired!
1. Low on energy? This great illustration on how to get and stay energized during the day.
2. The perfect tote for the market, the beach and home. I wish they shipped to the states.
3. These lacquered bento boxes are great for lunch and leftovers.
4. A simple snack of fruits and veggies that's a summertime favorite of LA fruit stands.
5. This bottle opener isn't lessening my love of all things agate; agate anonymous meetings to resume.
6. I just ordered this leather pinstripe belt from Madewell, it was on sale and an additional 30% off.
7. I'm in need of a really good comb and this one is beautiful as wells as functional, excellent quality.
8. Loving the metal clawfoot on this tub, it's purrrfect.
9. 10 tips on how to care for you sweaters because it 's finally sweater weather.