Wednesday, February 15, 2012


"They say the poison vine, breeds a finer wine", what say you? Where do your lustful indulgences give way to obsession, when too much is not enough? Remember gluttony is a deadly sin after-all, and if passions are not feed, does lust rear its sinful head? But don’t they also say that a life without passion is fatal? Enjoy and Be Consumed!

Oh these lustful things indeed…temptation be not but a feeling? Ah but temptation can be exploited and damn these souls if they do give in to do know what happened to Marc Anthony when he feasted his eyes upon Cleopatra? Maybe we’re all just doomed to our own desires…go ahead…give…

I just had to add some eye candy up in here.
What good is a den of debauchery without your own soundtrack...enjoy mine, my soundtrack that is...

Softly Softly” Sweetback featuring Maxwell, album "Sweetback"
You Sure Love to Ball” Marvin Gaye, album "Let's Get it On"
Our Love is Easy” Melody Gardot, album "My One and Only Thrill"
Bullet Proof Soul” Sade, album "Love Deluxe"
Since I Had You” Marvin Gaye, album "I Want You"
You Move Me” Cassandra Wilson, album "Love Jones SDTK"
Bad Habit” Maxwell, album "Blacksummers' Night"
"Loving Me 4 Me" Christina Aguilera, album "Stripped"
"Scandalous" Prince, album "Batman" circa 1989

images are via Fashion Gone Rogue, Beauty is Diverse, The Fashion Bomb Daily
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  1. I know the post is very lusty but that silk floor length cheetah print dress caught all my attention in addition to the GOD Lenny K of course. DAMN!